Louisiana BBQ Shrimp

A quick recipe for shrimp, cooked in a sticky, sweet and sharp sauce. Inspired by the dish by the same name at Jazz on Sixth Street, Austin, TX.


1 tbspVegetable oil
1 cloveGarlic, chopped
A pinchChili, ground
A good pinchRosemary
1-2 tbspWorcestershire Sauce
100gr (4oz)Shrimp


Heat oil in a pan, add garlic, gently browning the garlic.

Add chili, Rosemary to oil, and let it fry for a few seconds, before adding the Worcestershire Sauce. Let the sauce reduce until it's quite thick and sticky.

Add shrimp, and let them heat up in the sauce.

Serve with boiled rice (or pasta).

The above recipe is for one serving.